About Mike Daniels Insurance

mike daniels insuranceI’ve been a “captive agent” in Colorado Springs since 2005. I have recently started a new “independent agency” because I know that competition from different providers will ultimately be in the best interest of my clients.

It can be a little scary, taking that leap of faith and starting a new business; however, there’s no denying the benefits of having an ever-growing number of insurance providers to choose from.

If you ask me for a quote now that I’ve gone independent, I’m able to get numbers from multiple Top-10 providers, including (but not limited to) Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, MetLife, Travelers, Hartford –and the list goes on. If you asked me for a quote back when I was a “captive agent,” I could give you a quote from maybe two companies: the preferred company and sub-standard company.

As I’m sure you’re aware, insurance rates in the Springs have increased a lot over the past few years. “Captive agents” are forced to sell a policy from a provider who really doesn’t want to increase there exposure here, and are, in fact, trying to decrease their market share. By representing over 90 insurance companies that specialize in different areas, I’m able to combat the increasing prices for insurance and save you money.


So it’s my business to find you the best-valued policy by looking at multiple carriers. Regardless of the national economy or statewide catastrophic claims, there are always insurance companies that are buying business (offering lower rates). I consider it my job to find those companies for you as well as provide you with personal, friendly service.