Insurance Products

CoupleAs an Independent Agent I’m able to get numbers from multiple Top-10 providers, including (but not limited to) Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, MetLife, Travelers, Hartford –and the list goes on.

Has your CURRENT insurance agent or 800-number ever said…

“It’s a rate adjustment, not really a rate increase”
“Have you seen it out there lately? All the hail storms and fires? Who do you think pays for that?”
“If we increase your deductible, or remove full-coverage –that’ll take care of the rate increase”
“I don’t make the rates…and we’re just keeping up with the insurance industry anyway”
“We check our rates with the other insurance companies and we’re still the cheapest”

or after you report a claim…
“I told you about your % deductible, remember!?!”

You won’t hear those from me. I don’t have to fudge deductibles to keep rates low. If your rates go up on renewal, we just find another provider who wants your business more.

I don’t need to soften you up with “Friendly Reviews” or “Double Checks” as to make it harder (or guilty) to cancel your policies.

We Offer a Broad Range of Insurance Products

Ready to Reduce Your Rates?

it’s my business to find you the best-valued policy by looking at multiple carriers. Regardless of the national economy or statewide catastrophic claims, there are always insurance companies that are buying business (offering lower rates). I consider it my job to find those companies for you as well as provide you with personal, friendly service.