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Two Types of Home Insurance

Replacement Cost Coverage (RCC) is a type of policy that covers the cost of replacing your personal property in the event of a covered loss or damage. Unlike Peril Coverage, RCC will not take depreciation into account when covering replacement costs so you can be sure that you're getting what you paid for in the event of an incident.

Peril Coverage on the other hand, covers repairs and replacements costs if your home has been damaged due to certain named events - such as fire, hail, or wind - rather than providing coverage for all causes of loss or damage that may occur. In addition, Peril Coverage usually requires you to pay a deductible before your insurer will begin paying out any claims.

It's important to consider the differences between these two types of policies when choosing which homeowners insurance plan is right for you and your family. And I can help to determine which is best for you. Both offer valuable protection against potential risks but understanding which one best fits your particular needs is key to ensuring that you're getting the most value for your money!


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